Getting Started


Supplemental Sanity was published in an effort to alleviate the suffering caused by the ongoing mental health crisis in the United States at no cost to those who seek it out.

The content here has been researched in-depth, with detailed citations and external links made available in the body of the text. It is an interactive non-fiction format.

Here we utilize a nursing perspective on behavioral health. These concepts together offer new ways of thinking and reacting to problems that serve to improve our overall sense of well-being.

While this website cannot ensure a living wage, access to medical care, safety from gun violence, affordable housing or action on climate change - it can help to create an internal strength that builds a buffer between us and external forces that are known to cause harm to our internal equilibrium.

In order for this website to have an impact, there are two foundational truths that all visitors are encouraged to consider and keep in mind. Accepting these truths aids us in creating and maintaining a healing environment for ourselves and others.

  1. We are each multidimensional human beings with strengths and weaknesses.
  2. We are each dynamic and capable of growth, change and our own unique form of recovery. 

When exploring mental health topics, we can begin to gain power over negative emotions by naming them. There is detailed information on recognizing emotions available by clicking here, and a great place to start is with the graphic below (Gottman, 2007). The Feeling Wheel encourages us to use the outside rings of emotion words when describing how we feel to ensure we understand our emotions, and we can communicate them effectively to others.

While using this website, please keep the following ideas in mind:

  • This website is a healing environment where it is safe to explore, engage and struggle with personal difficulties.
    • Try to push aside feelings of blame and shame.
    • Attempt to withhold passing judgment on yourself and others for past actions or present thoughts.
  • Make an effort to use this website while within a physically safe space where you are free to express whatever emotions come up without needing to engage the input or judgment of others.
  • Understand that the content here is designed to cause introspection and change. This is often a painful process.
    • Please use caution when engaging all of the information here.
    • Check in on yourself often to ensure you're not overwhelmed.
    • Take at least one 5 minute break every 15 minutes to get up, walk around and drink something comforting.
  • Consider your timing when taking on the content presented here. Give yourself a minimum of 24 hours time between working with this website and major events or decisions.
    • Take time to recover emotionally to prevent reactive or displaced harm from occurring.
  • When reading the content presented here, it may help to imagine it coming from someone safe, respected and trusted.
  • Keep in mind that each individual is at a unique point in their healing process. If we don’t feel ‘ready’ to deal with certain concepts, it is not a negative reflection on us. It is only a reminder to take a step back and begin again when we are more comfortable doing so.

Please read the entirety of our disclaimer before using the mentation exercises provided on this website. By using the information on, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined within the disclaimer. The full text of the disclaimer is available by clicking here.