About Me

Thank you for exploring Supplemental Sanity!

This website is an effort to help reduce the financial barriers to improved mental health, and I'm glad you're here. The information on this page is meant to help you get to know me better, and I hope you'll reach out so I can get to know you better as well!

King County Master Gardener Volunteer Since 2015

Master Composter Soil Builder Volunteer Since 2015

Competitive Vegetable Gardener

I Am A King County Green Grant Recipient - Here, I Hosted A Dog Party To Protect Native Lands and A Superfund Site.

After University, I Worked As An Environmental Non-Profit Marketing Manager. In This Photo, I Am At The Woodland Park Zoo Working For The Snow Leopard Trust.

I'm A Dedicated Animal Rights Activist and Shelter Volunteer. This Photo Is At The Seattle Animal Shelter.

I Was A Peer Mentor For Foster Youth Through The Champions Program At The University of Washington.

This Is A Feature Of Me As A 2006 High School Graduate In Kelso, Washington.

None of the organizations mentioned on this page are affiliated with or endorse supplementalsanity.com.